7th edition
BtoB event
for composite materials

Nantes, France | November 13 and 14, 2019

Who can exhibit?

Suppliers providing added value and expertise in:

Raw Materials
Thermoplastic Matrix • Thermosetting Plastics Matrix • Other Matrix Stays or Cares: Carbon fibers, Fiberglass, Kevlar fibers • Shorts fibers • Staples fibers • other stays • other raw materials

Other Composite Materials
Metal composites • Ceramics • Others

Compression SMC/BMC • Drape forming • Filament winding • Continuous impregnating • Vacuum injection • Contact Molding and projection • RTM - Resin Transfer Molding • Sandwiches Structures • Polymerization • Thermoplastic welding • Manufacture - Fabric • Others

Equipment and Processes
Design and Manufacturing • Tooling • Other

Design and Testing
Design • Calculation • R&D • NDT • Material characterization • Post-graduate studies • Training • Other


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